About Us


Hi. My name is Richard Beaty. I am the president and founder of Cyberpoint Marketing.

I started my first Internet business in 1995. Now if you know anything about the history of the Internet, you know that in 1995, the Internet was just a fledgling predecessor of what it is now. No one could even have dreamed what it would become.

My very first Internet business was based around building Websites to promote the travel and tourism industry. Since then, I have continually worked directly with my clients to help bring them leads and make them money (either directly or indirectly) from their their Websites.

In addition to helping my clients sell and promote their businesses online, I sell my own products, as well. I’ve sold everything from DVDs on how to square dance to high-end software products (selling for $10,000.00 and more) to training materials on how to build effective Websites. I am an “Internet Marketer.” I’ve learned how to succeed at this by educating myself. I attend seminars, subscribe to journals, and … I’ve learned some of the secrets I know in the “School of Hard Knocks.” That is … by trial and error.

That’s the experience I bring to you.

Personal Attention

I now have a full staff of talented help:

  • Account Managers that work directly with you during the design and concept phases of your Website;
  • Marketing Experts who hone the copy, message and image of your Website to accomplish your business goals;
  • Technical People who build your Website and make it function.


Here’s My Promise to You…

  • I will be the one who stands behind our work;
  • I will be the one who conducts the final reviewer of your Website, evaluating its functionality and message;
  • I will be the one that is here for you to solve any problem you might have.

In other words, I believe in the concept that “the buck stops here.” That’s the way I like to do business. I’ve always done it that way. I always will do it that way.

So, when I make you a promise, I personally am the one that is responsible for keeping it. You won’t be passed off to someone else, shuffled around, or end up talking to someone you don’t even know. I am always available to you.

If you’re just getting starting with a brand new Website, or if you need to launch a sophisticated Internet Marketing campaign, I’ll be happy to talk with you personally to help your business succeed. This is my promise to you.

Turn-Around Time

From concept to completed, functioning Website … we have one of the fastest turn-around times in the business. Give us a simple update, it will likely be done within a day or two. Larger projects take a little longer, but we’ll never keep you wondering what’s become of your request.

Our Staff

Our staff consists of some onsite talent and some hand-picked outside contractors that have proven themselves reliable and responsible. I never outsource projects to India, China or Russia just because it’s cheaper. I believe strongly in promoting our local and national economy. My policy is to find and employ hardworking, dedicated local individuals with a track record of success.

Put Us to the Test

Contact us here. Or, just give us a call and chat. You won’t be connected to contracted support in another country. You’ll get a friendly person, right here in our office in the U.S. Our number is: (520) 261-4080. Go ahead. Give us a call.