Search Engines

Search Engines: The Index to the Internet

Search engines are the “index to the Internet.” The traffic to your Website will be directly affected by how visible you are on the search engines.

There are two ways to get listed on search engines …

  1. Organic Search Results – those that occur “naturally”
    ADVANTAGE: It’s free.
    DISADVANTAGE: How you’re listed, where you’re listed, and when you’re listed is not directly under your control.
  2. Paid Search Results – paid advertising on the Search Engines
    ADVANTAGE: You can be listed within hours & you have some degree of control over your listing copy and position.
    DISADVANTAGE: You pay for this. It can be cheap to very expensive, depending on the competion in your subject area.
WARNING — If you are solicited by a company guaranteeing you top search engine rankings, run away as fast as you can.This is a scam.

We pay attention to the things that help you achieve quality “organic” (free) search engine positioning. We will also manage a “paid” search engine advertising campaign for you if you wish. We’ll talk with you about the economic feasibility of a paid campaign for your site and help you make the decision.

Organic Search Listings

How Does a Search Engine Know What Your Site is About?

It’s all about content. “Keywords” — embedded in your visible copy and hidden in places that only search engines can see — are“search engine food.” These keywords help to communicate the topic of your site. We pay attention to these often overlooked details to help you get indexed properly.

There are other factors that can influence (for better or worse) your position on this index for selected search terms. But considering that every Website in every subject area is competing for position, winning the search engine game can be very difficult. To further complicate the “game,” search engines are constantly changing the “rules” that determine your position. At Cyberpoint Marketing, we subscribe to monthly technical journals that keep us up-to-the-minute on what the search engines are doing. This puts us in the best possible position to keep your Website visible to the world.
Paid Search Listings

This is essentially paid advertising on the search engines. It may take different forms on different engines. The one we have found to be most successful is Google’s “Adwords.” These listings appear in the right hand column on Google, under the heading “Sponsored Links.” A few of these may also appear in a highlighted area above the organic search results.

Google Adwords is a “pay-per-click” (PPC) model. That is, you don’t pay just to display your ad. You pay only if someone clicks on your ad. This means that you are essentially paying for each visitor sent to your site from your Google ad.

Question: How Much Do You Pay?    Answer: “It Depends.”

It depends on a lot of things, and if your Website is a candidate for PPC advertising, we’ll give you the details and help you determine if it makes economic sense for you.

If you’re making money directly from your Website or from the leads it brings, this can be a very good thing for you. Instead of waiting for an indeterminate time for leads from your Website to start trickling in, you can get instant traffic and instant results.

Is Pay-per-Click for You?

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