Internet Marketing

Internet Marketing:

 “Internet Marketing” is What Makes the Difference Between …

… Just Having a Website and 
… Actually Achieving Your Purpose

Just being present on the Internet is not enough. For you to have any real chance of influencing people, generating leads, or making sales from a Website, you must have a carefully crafted message with a focused marketing strategy.

… Quite Honestly — This is Where We Shine

Here’s the things that we’ll coach you on to make sure your site performs for you.
 What Do You Want Your Website Visitors to Do?

You’d be surprised how many people have not even thought about this. If you haven’t thought about it yet, you will. Because we’re going to ask you. And we’ll help you come up with the answer.

After we know what you most want your visitor to do, we’ll design a Website focused on delivering that result.

Give us a little input on what you want to say on your Website. Then, we’ll take it form there. We’ll we go to work to turn what you give us into a marketing work of art.

There’s a saying among marketers: “Copy is King.” How true this is. People respond to words, when those words are carefully crafted to…

  • Attract ATTENTION
  • Build INTEREST
  • Create overwhelming DESIRE
  • Compel to ACTION.

Turn us loose on your Website copy. You’ll be amazed at the result.
 Call to Action

Don’t let your Website visitors leave without telling them what to do next. They won’t do it unless you ask.

Giving your visitors a very specific thing to do is referred to as the “Call to Action.” There’s a Call to Action on this page. Do you see it? Check out the bottom of this page for the Call to Action.

Automatic Followup

In spite of everything we can do, not everyone will do what you want them to do the first time. That’s why Follow Up is so important to effective marketing.

This is Where the Internet Gets Exciting….

  • We’ll create a system for you that will automatically follow up with your Website visitors via email.
  • It takes none of your time or attention.
  • And no one gets overlooked.

 Pay-per-Click Search Engine Advertising

Quite honestly, this is not for everyone. But if your Website is selling a product or service directly or bringing you leads that will ultimately make a purchse, pay-per-click (PPC) advertising can be a virtual windfall for you.

A Pay-Per-Click Campaign Can Be Delivering Customers to You within One Day of of Your Website Going Live

  • We’ll help you analyze the costs and the benefits to see if it makes economic sense for you.
  • If it does, we’ll set it up and manage it for you.
  • There will be nothing for you to do but respond to the new-found source of customers.

These are not the only things that we can do to help turn your Website into an Internet success story. Internet Marketing is a combination of strategies and tactics to bring traffic to your Website and then convert the traffic into sales.

When You Entrust Us with Your Website …

… We Don’t JUST Build A Website

… We Take On the Responsibility of Making It Work for You

How Will Internet Marketing Work for You?

No two Internet Marketing solutions are the same. We’ll fine tune your campaign to fit your specific needs and budget. What would we recommend for you?

To find out … Call us at (520) 844-9259 to set up a FREE telephone consultation. Or contact us here.